Friday, December 3, 2021

Friday Blog Hops : December 3, 2021

I am participating in a few blog hops this Friday, first is Feline Friday hosted by Comedy Plus. This is a photo of my ol' gal Coral, who is Mia's friend. Like Mia, she is also very nimble for her age (16 years young) and she loves nothing more but to purrr in your lap, knead on your belly, sleep on your chest, there is no such thing as purrrsonal space with Coral. If it fits, she sits! She will find a way, nudge her way into your lap, chest, arms, neck, heck she might as well just take a nap on your head! She has the cutest little kink tail which curls at the end, and is about half the length of a normal tail. We don't know what happened or if she was born with it, either way she is purrrfect!

Next up is Nature Friday hosted by The LLB Gang! This is from a visit to the San Francisco Botanical Garden. There are many different trees, plants, flowers, you can see throughout the year. One of my favorite places to spend some time with nature when you live in the city. Living in the city naturally (or un-naturally) you will see a lot of apartments, condos, high rises, especially in San Francisco as the cost of living is probably one of the highest in the states, so I do appreciate any chance to explore parts of the city where there are still lush greenery, quiet, away from the busy streets and sounds.  

Lastly, here is my Flashback Friday hosted by FiveSibes featuring my Maine Coon. Chief Baldr Barricade. He goes by Chief, Cade, Mow (pronouced like Mau), Mow Mow, Shmow, Shmowey, Shmowberg, Shmowyberg, Handsome Boy, and probably a whole list of others though I don't think he really responds to any of those options haha. Here is a flashback from a couple days after I brought him home. He took no time adjusting and just began exploring like he knew he was right at home. He explored a bit and took a nap. It was so sweet, and his temperament is exceptional,  it's a happy memory.


  1. Coral is very pretty. Eric actually did sleep on the top of my head! I would wake in the morning pinned down by my hair. Chief has such a handsome face, and from his expression he knows it.
    The park looks nice and peaceful. It is good to have somewhere like that to be able to go..

  2. Allie used to sleep on Mom's head! Botanical gardens can be very calming and peaceful.

  3. Coral is a cutie pie. I love a lap cat. My last kitty was a lap cat. The very best. Love that tail.

    I would love to walk in that garden. Beautiful. I'm not that far away either.

    Love the mancat. Handsome and a precious memory indeed.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. ♥

  4. Coral and Mow are both beautiful.

  5. Love all your photos today! They are each purrfect for each of the hops!

  6. Beautiful kitties! Lap cats are the best. Mudpie could live on my lap this time of the year and I love it.

  7. You really do have the most beautiful kitties, WOW!