Sunday, January 23, 2022

In a Glance @ Week 3 : Jan 17 - Jan 23

Hi everyone!

This past week was pretty crazy but I'm happy to say we are finishing up the last bit of the remodeling and I'm really hoping I'll get back to a good routine for me and the kitty fam. I will be reaching out to the city's building department to schedule a final inspection *fingers crossed*

Earlier this week I took Chief out for a little outdoor adventure with another kitty friend and this time he did much better than during the big meet up the prior week. I think there were too many people and cats and not enough greenery for him to explore. We went to a little area this time and he was adamant about chasing the squirrels and birds! Of course he was on a leash and I did not let him go far as if he had his way he would run all the way up the side of the steep hill! I think he was getting a little frustrated because he really wanted to get up close with the small animals, he is a cat after all.

Also, I won Sweet Purrfection's giveaway! I am so stoked because it's the first time I won any giveaway. The SleepyPod carrier is a big hit with the kitty crew, I leave it out and they use it as a bed. It's great as a carrier as well because it can close on the top making it easier to get cats into it. Thank You Paula!

I also got my planner in the mail, it's very adorable with everyone's kitty photos in it. I absolutely love it.

I hope everyone is having a good week, I'll be swinging by your blogs when I get a chance this week. Woo!

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Thankful Thursday : Beautiful Parks

We are joining Brian's Home Thankful Thursday and today we are thankful for the beautiful parks we can bring our adventurous kitties to. Last weekend we had a cat meetup and a total of 12 cats showed up! We saw some old friends as well as met new friends, and the weather was amazingly sunny. 

Chief enjoys going outside, mostly to smell the plants and chew on grass, he doesn't really "walk" so to speak but he loves it. I hope to explore more small parks around the city so I can take him to go explore as well however, when you are taking your cat out there will always be a possibility of off-leashed dogs so always be vigilant!

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

2022 | Week Two

Today is International Kiss a Ginger Cat Day on 1/12! Here is a snap of Zorro, my sweet boy with some serious murder mittens. Not quite ginger but kind of orange. Honorary Ginger Boy. He has an exceptional sweet temperament that sometimes I think he believes he's a dog. We had some playtime while the remodeling is finishing up. 

I'm about done riding out this cold I had the past week, and it really sucks when you get sick! I feel groggy and unmotivated to get work done but I'm hopeful that I will be back to my old self in the next few days. 

√ We are just about finished with the remodeling, and I'm guesstimating we will be done in 2 weeks time.

√  My car is fixed, woo!

Online classes just started and one of the class is a reading heavy, writing heavy class which is not my strong point. It's going to be a bit of a grind to get this done the next 5 months!

√ I got a meat grinder during Black Friday for a REALLY good price but today I broke it :( I use it to make raw meals for the kitty gang but I got too excited and overstuffed the poor thing and it gave out...RIP Weston Pro #8 it was nice knowing you even if it was just a short while...On the bright side I went ahead to get the Weston Pro #32. The Pro line is better for preparing raw pet food and making your own grinds and the #8 is actually great but it can mostly handle small bones, chicken wings and necks but is capable of handling bigger bones as long as you cut them to smaller pieces first and skin should also be cut down before going into the machine. The #32 is more heavy duty and should be easier to grind up bones without me cutting them down first, saving me a lot of time!

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Sunday Selfie 04 : Lettuce Girl

We are joining The Cat on My Head for this week's Sunday Selfie!

This is my diva girl Cleo who loves romaine lettuce! Perhaps it's the crunch or texture that she likes, who knows! She is ALWAYS getting to mischief, eating things she's not suppose to, getting on top of the cabinets, hiding toys under the fridge, the list goes on...but still my diva girl!

I wanted to blog everyday as a goal this year but not likely as I am still waiting on some things to finish up with the remodeling, then wait for the final inspection. Once we get the final inspection I can start arranging furniture and finally be able to call it my home! Was out of internet for a while and now my laptop is sort of malfunctioning but we will make it work. I got sick with a cold (negative for COVID, thank goodness) pretty much as soon as the year started haha and I'm still recovering, bleh! But I'll be ok.

How is everyone's 2022 going so far?

My "resolutions" (more like work in progress because why wait for a new year to start doing something right?) for this year is :

- start driving more and get in some more practice
- finish the house, start on the downstairs portion
- take some horse riding lessons
- spend more time with my cats
- take Chief, Cleo, and Zorro out on more walks
- set up a catio for the kitty crew
- finish my last semester (class starts tomorrow!!)
- manifest my second home (hopefully in the next 10 years, but a girl can dream)
- do only the things that bring me joy and happiness!
- no more negativity, bad juju, bad vibes, negative people

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Happy Holidays Everyone

Oh my, it's been quite hectic these days with finishing up the remodel and I still need to install internet too.  I've been catching up with everyone's posts but I'll be back as soon as we finalize things with the house. Hopefully in the next few weeks. Can't wait to show you and I'll have so much more free time as well. Hope everyone stays safe and enjoy the holidays!  

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Thankful Thursday : Pet Insurance


I am joining this week's Brian's Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for pet insurance because you never know when someone needs an emergency visit. I have everyone on insurance except Mia and Coral. If you have a young cat without pre-existing conditions, it may be worth it to get insurance. I got Mia and Coral when they are already in their geriatric ages and coverage starts at $250 per cat per month! While everyone else costs about $80/per cat per month and I don't do basic when it comes to the cat fam so we get the best coverage available.

Recently, Cleo had intestinal blockage due to swallowing some random things and I had to take her to the emergency vet. If you know about vet visits you have to pay upfront before any service (at least here anyways) and that can be very stressful for some parents who don't have the money or can't get a credit loan. My charges were $11,852.87 upfront before they can do surgery. Holy Moly. I mean we all hear stories about how expensive the vet is but boy did my soul leave my body. Of course I would do anything for my babies but I can't say it didn't hurt especially with the remodeling going on. 

They usually charge you the upper limit estimate and luckily for me they refunded me $3262.55 but that was still $8590.32 out of pocket! Thankfully with insurance, and after some back and forth emails, they reimbursed me $7551.29 leaving me to just pay a grand total of 


I couldn't be more grateful, thankful because without insurance I would be in some financial trouble. Definitely get insurance if you can, because nobody wants to take their kitties to the emergency vet! I'm sharing the exact cost to be transparent on just how much the vet costs.

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Sunday Selfie 03 : Rosie

Sunday Selfie is brought to you by The Cat on My Head

Rosie is quite a lovable character. Her previous owner had named her Artemis, but I just call her Rosie even though I made up this ridiculous long name for her Penthouse Princess Rose "Rosie" Royce. She has an incredible appetite for an 8 pound cat, she will eat, and eat, and keep eating until all the food is gone. She will 1) eat everyone's leftovers 2) spend at least an hour finishing up the food 3) get into unopened bags of food and go to town 4) find food in places I didn't even know had food...

Rosie is extremely, EXTREMELY food motivated that she can easily be clicker trained. She knows a few tricks though the one she likes is fist bump by touching your hand hoping you will give her food. She's also so food motivated that I got a SureFeed Microchip Feeder for Chief (since he eats very slow) but Rosie already figured out how to beat the system....She's a spoiled kitty.