Monday, November 29, 2021

Awww Mondays : Fall 2021

This is Arlo, one of the kitties I occasionally cat sit for. He was found by his mom by their home near a garbage can. His mom took him in and the rest is hisstory! Sometimes when I visit him he will flop over on his side, roll over, and expose the sacred belly. Of course I don't dare to reach my hand for a belly rub, most cats will not appreciate it! I find it very cute when I visit cats and they roll over on their backs. Maybe they kind of like me I guess...Haha!

What kind of quirks does your cat(s) do that make you go Awww?


  1. Our cats are more irritating than anything. The one hides all the time and the other is a crabby old man cat who meows around the house constantly. They both lie on their backs sometimes but no one would rub their bellies here either.

  2. This is a huge Awww for me. I try to pet the belly though. Sometimes I get away with it and sometimes not so much. So much temptation.

    Nice to meet you.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. ♥

  3. He is a cutie. I love kitty tummies.

  4. He's adorable. Everything about Mudpie makes me awww...she's just the most special little girl in the world to me.